Music helps us to express praise and devotion to the Lord. Worship services at East Hill
are centered on Christ and blended musically to encourage worship through traditional
hymns as well as gospel and contemporary songs. Everyone is encouraged to take an
active part in our services through singing, prayer, giving, Scripture reading, and the

Although our primary focus is on worship, choirs and ensembles will present major
programs and special worship services throughout the year.

Holtkamp Pipe Organ Renovation Project

Our beautiful Holtkamp pipe organ, now 50 years old, is currently under renovation. Like
most anything else, at that age there are things that need to be upgraded and things
that need to be fixed so that it can continue to function properly. 

The organ renovation is a three year project, one year for each division of the instrument – Swell, Great, & Pedal. Each summer, one division of the instrument is
removed by our technician, taken to his shop in central Florida, renovated, returned and
reinstalled approximately two months later. During that time, the divisions not being
renovated are still playable so that the instrument can continue to be used.


The total cost of the project is approximately $68,000, funded by generous gifts from the
congregation. We have a beautiful pipe organ that is also of historical significance as it is the last instrument designed by Walter Holtkamp, Sr. before his death in 1962. Thank you for helping to maintain this wonderful instrument so that it can continue to be played for God’s glory for many more years.